Papermate ComfortMate Ultra

Papermate’s Comfortmate Ultra is a mechanical pencil priced (roughly) 3-5 dollars and has a very comfortable grip. It is very light compared to some other pencils and it looks a little sleek. It is refillable. There are two flaws though. The first flaw is small and has to do with comfort. The squishiest, biggest, and most comfortable part of the grip is HIGHER on the barrel, and if you try to write with your fingers on that part, you have no control with the pencil. The second flaw is that every once in a while, the little mini cap part that actually holds the lead in place will fall of, which is a little funny and a little frustrating. But you can put it back on, and it falls off rarely. This pencil is rated a 3.5 out of 5 stars. Overall, this was a fine addition to my collection and a recommendation to those reading this post.


Next Up: Papermate PhD Ultra

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