rOtring 600

The rOtring 600 is a (roughly) 25-31 dollar mechanical pencil. It has a great weight and a hexagonal barrel. It comes in a triangular cardboard box that you can keep it in until the box starts falling apart, and has a nice grip (slip free) and an eraser cap with a hole in the top. It is refillable, and has an adjustable lead grade indicator. There are no real flaws in this mechanical pencil. It has a great weight for me and all of the other people that like a medium/heavy pencil. If you are willing to spend 25-30 dollars on a mechanical pencil, it is a high recommendation. I have decided that this is a four and a half star pencil. It is a very nice one, and a nice addition to my collection.


(Middle pencil.) Sorry for the small picture


6 thoughts on “rOtring 600

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