Zebra M-301

The Zebra M-301 is a mechanical pencil costing (roughly) 2-4 dollars. It has a steel/stainless steel barrel and is light. It has an eraser cap (that looks exactly like the clicker caps of the Zebra pens) and a grip (non slip). You can tell the difference between a Zebra pen and a Zebra pencil because the tip cap of a pencil is black, and the tip cap of the pen is silver. It is refillable. It has had no flaws yet, and is a rather good-looking and nice pencil. This is rated a 4 star pencil. Not a high recommendation if you have already tried a nice pencil (for example rOtring 600, click HERE to see post) it might not be as appealing to you. But a good pencil nonetheless, and a good addition to my collection.


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