Papermate PhD Multi

The Papermate PhD Multi is a mechanical pencil in almost the exact same shape as the PhD ultra. Some things that are the same are that it is big and has a triangular grip, and the same weight. There are a few differences, though. The first is that the Papermate PhD Multi has three writing tools. A black pen, a red pen, and a mechanical pencil. In between the grip and the body of the pencil is a silver ring with  a tab on it, and right above that are symbols: a red dot, a black dot, and the tip of a pencil. To change the function, you put one hand above the silver ring and one hand below, then twist both hands different ways to get the tab under one of the symbols. There is a cap over the eraser, and unlike the PhD ultra, this eraser is not twist out. The one downside for me is that if you twist the ring too far, the grip will start to screw off. I give this pencil four point five stars. It was a nice addition to my collection, and a high recommendation.

Next Up: Pentel Smash

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