Pentel Smash

The Pentel Smash is a mechanical pencil costing roughly  $10. It has a small eraser, much like those of the rOtring 600 or the Uni Kuru Togo Roulette model. It has a lead hardness grade indicator, and a grip made of little rubber squares that stick out slightly. It has 0.5 mm lead, and it comes in one color: black. I think that the most interesting feature on this pencil is the button on the back of the pencil. When you press it to get the lead further out, it retracts like a spring. This does pose one problem, though. When you press the button, only a tiny little segment of the lead comes out. It takes about six or seven clicks to actually get the lead to a good length. Otherwise, there are no major flaws in this pencil that I can see. Overall, the agreement has been made that this pencil is about 4 stars. This pencil was a nice addition to my collection.

Next Up: Zebra Delguard

2 thoughts on “Pentel Smash

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