Pilot Dr. Grip PureWhite Shaker

Okay, the Pilot Dr. Grip PureWhite Shaker mechanical pencil is by far the best pencil I have ever used. I loved it. Costing roughly 8-10 dollars, there are only good things that I have to say about it. First of all, It looks amazing. It is completely white, with your choice of color near the tip and near the eraser. The grip is squishy, and it feels amazing on your fingers when you write. It is a double grip, with a white squishy layer underneath, and a translucent layer above. I have felt a really squishy pencil called the Uni Kuru Toga Alpha Gel, (With the same lead turning mechanism as the Uni Kuru Toga Roulette model) which has an incredibly squishy grip, which may have been a little too squishy. And there was the rOtring 600, which had an incredibly hard grip. This was the perfect balance. It was a little farther toward the Alpha Gel side then the rOtring 600 side. Next, There is the shaker mechanism, which is really helpful and useful. Instead of pressing the button on the back, you can shake the pencil up and down and the lead will get further out. That really helps. The eraser is small, but it still works and takes a long time to run out. The pencil is the perfect width, size and weight. I give this pencil five stars, and it is a recommendation to all of you reading this.

P.S. This is my tenth post and my first five star pencil!!! Hurrah!!!!! 🙂

Next Up: rOtring Tikky



5 thoughts on “Pilot Dr. Grip PureWhite Shaker

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