rOtring Tikky

Costing roughly 5-10 dollars, the rOtring Tikky is another rOtring mechanical pencil. The 600 is higher quality than the Tikky, and the Tikky is lighter. The Tikky has a small oval near the button that varies color depending on the lead size (0.35 is yellow, 0.5 is brown, 0.7 is blue, and 1.0 is red). You can tell that it is a good pencil just by clicking the button and feeling the sensation. The grip is grey with black squares on the standard colored one. The Tikky also comes in many colors, so the grip color changes. The clip is surprisingly long, and looks quite professional. The eraser on the Tikky is small, but works amazingly. I would suggest only using it in emergencies, though, because it goes away fast.

The Tikky also comes in the 3 in 1 version, with a black pen, a red highlighting pen, and mechanical pencil. I’ve only had the regular. Overall, I give the Tikky a four and a half star rating, and it is a high recommendation to you reading this.

P.S. Tune in for my 10 favorite mechanical pencils, because I’m going to post that soon!

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