Sheaffer Pen+Pencil Set

I was walking in staples when I saw a sale rack that caught my eye. It was $50 Cross and Sheaffer pens and pencils on sale for $20!!! I walked over and saw something that immediately pulled me in. It was a beautiful little Sheaffer pen+pencil set. I picked it up and I knew it was the thing to get.

I got home and unpacked the pencil/pen set. It was silver with brushstrokes on the sides. I wanted to try it out. I took out the pencil and discovered that It was a perfect weight. I pressed it onto the paper and started writing. Whenever I pressed too hard, the lead would retract ever so slightly, in order to protect itself from snapping. The eraser was small but effective.

I took out the pen and with one click knew that I was going to like it. I could feel the spring vibrate under my thumb. I tried writing and it flew across the paper smoothly and swiftly. The only downside was that the grip was slick and my hands slipped when I was sweating.

So, overall, I give this set four stars and recommend it to all of you. For some reason I could not find this set online, so I just gave a link to the Sheaffer website and attached a picture below.

Screenshot 2016-05-19 at 7.25.40 PM

This is the pen and pencil set that I found at staples

P.S. Remember about the best mechanical pencils post coming up!

Next Up: rOtring Rapid Pro

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