Papermate Sharp Writer

I had a follower who wanted to know about a cheap, practical mechanical pencil that works, and I say the Papermate Sharp Writer twist mechanical pencils. They work, and they are not bad at all.

Next Up: Pilot Automac

4 thoughts on “Papermate Sharp Writer

  1. I had the same question. 8 months later, do you still recommend the same mechanical pencil for a cheap, reliable option? I use them almost exclusively but tend to misplace them, so price is key for me. Thank you!


    • Hi Mr. Heim,

      I still recommend this pencil but, if you want an inexpensive option with slightly better quality, you can either go for the Papermate Comfortmate Ultra or the Papermate Clearpoint Elite. These pencils are both about $3, but may be more at some stores. You can get them at CVS. If you like the Sharp Writers, though, you should definitely keep using them.

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