My Top 10 Mechanical Pencils

#1. Pilot Automac

The thing that really did it for this pencil was the grip. I don’t know why it was so good, but it was.

#2. Dr. Grip Purewhite Shaker

Same as the last. The grip was awesome. I also liked the shaker mechanism. This would be #1 if the other one wasn’t automatic.

#3. rOtring Rapid Pro

Although the grip was a bit razorlike, it was still good, and the weight is PERFECT!!!

#4. rOtring 600

Pretty much the same thing as the last one, not quite as good but good enough to make the chart.

#5. Uni Kuru Toga Roulette

The lead turning mechanism was great. End of story.

#6. rOtring Tikky

For some reason, the click felt super satisfying. The grip was also good.

#7. Papermate PhD Ultra

Great grip, great weight, and the triangle shape of the grip felt good in your hands.

#8. Zebra Delguard

Even though the star rating was bad, the pencil looks really good and has gotten better over the days.

#9. Papermate Comfortmate Ultra

Good grip, and the hourglass shape was nice. The range of colors was also good.

#10. Papermate PhD Multi

The only reason that this is behind the PhD Ultra is that you could tell that the pencil was low quality. It did the job, though, and the other pens are helpful.


Zebra M-301

Pentel  Smash

Sheaffer Pen+Pencil Set*

*I did not put this in the real thing because of the set, it is not a pen or pencil, but both separately.

Next Up: Top 5 Mechanical Pencil Companies

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