Pilot Automac

I take back what I said about the other Pilot pencil I tried, the Dr. Grip. I stated: “The Pilot Dr. Grip Purewhite Shaker mechanical pencil is by far the best mechanical pencil that I have ever used.” Now I have found another, and the two pencils are not even CLOSE!! The Pilot Automac  is a mechanical pencil costing roughly 20-80 dollars (sorry for the wide range, I found both prices) and it is so much better than any of the pencils I have ever used, I can’t even express it. The grip looks like it may be uncomfortable if you see the pencil in a picture, but when you hold it the grip is amazing. It is super comfortable and is great for writing for long periods of time. The Automac is a perfect weight, not so heavy that your hand gets tired and not so light that it is hard to control. The pencil looks professional and for some reason the tip looks very cool. When you give the button a big click, it clicks like a pen! Then you have to use smaller clicks to get the lead out farther. BUT… you don’t have to click the button more than once or twice in a writing period. There is a mechanism where once the lead gets too short, the tip gets pressed like a button by your force pressing down on the paper. Once this button is pressed, the lead extends! So this pencil requires little to no button pressing while writing for a long time.

I recommend this pencil to anybody willing to spend 20-25 bucks on a mechanical pencil. It is THE NICEST addition to my pencil collection. Overall, this is a five star pencil and I would give it more if I could!

P.S. The next post I make will be my top 10 mechanical pencil of all time and a few runner-ups, and after that will be my favorite mechanical pencil companies of all time!* At least one of these posts will probably be out by tomorrow,  May Twenty Sixth.


Next Up: *


4 thoughts on “Pilot Automac

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    • Thank you! I haven’t had a good pen to review in a while, but I will write some reviews very soon. Thank you for the links, too! I found them very interesting, an I look forward to looking into these websites more deeply.


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