Pentel GraphGear 1000

With its unique clip and snazzy lead grade indicator, this is definitely one of my top five mechanical/drafting pencils. The Pentel GraphGear 1000 is a pencil with a great weight for writing, and an amazing grip. The grip is made of two materials. One is metal, and one is rubber. The metal part of this pencil’s grip is much like that of the Uni Kuru Toga Roulette model, as it is made up of many tiny triangular prisms. There are 24 rubber ovals that are different colors depending on the size lead the pencil holds. I have the 0.3 model, and the rubber ovals are brown. The 0.4 is green, 0.5 is grey, 0.7 is blue, and 0.9 is yellow. One of the most distinctive features on this pencil is the clip. The clip is made to clip onto things small and large, and to make the lead sleeve retract back into the pencil. When you push back on the top of the clip, its ability to clip onto larger items increases, and the bottom of the clip gets further away from the body of the pencil. If the lead sleeve is out, the bottom of the clip is in a hole in the pencil. When you push the top of the clip, the piece that is in the pencil comes out, releasing the lead storage pipe to slide back up to where it naturally rests. It is complicated, but a great contraption if you carry this pencil in your pocket, for it is impossible to be poked by the tip of the lead or lead sleeve. The lead grade indicator twists along with the grip, so to turn it, you must turn the grip too. The eraser is small, like in most drafting pencils, and has a clean out rod to help with tiny bits of lead that get stuck in the tip. (Clean out rod only in 0.3 and 0.4 Graphgear 1000). The 0.3 lead is nice, because I have small handwriting and it provides the perfect line weight. Overall, I give this pencil a perfect 5 star review. It has no downsides besides the tiny lead grade indicator dilemma, and is a great addition to my collection.


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