Lamy Pico

The Lamy Pico ballpoint pen has a very unique design and is not insanely expensive, but a little overpriced. It is a pocket pen, and when the user presses the button to open the pen, the back extends and makes a normal sized ballpoint pen. When the user presses the button to retract the point, the end comes back to make the pen compact, perfect for carrying around in your pocket. It writes well, and comes in many different colors. The Lamy Pico also comes in a nice little case, if you don’t want to carry it around plain. You can separately buy a leather case to carry this pen around in. It is a fairly simple pen other than that, and the only downside is the logo. The Lamy logo is located on a little box the sticks out from the pen, making it hard to write. You have to hold this pen at just the right angle to be able to write comfortably. Overall, I give this pen a 3.5 star review, for although it has a really neat design, it is slightly overpriced for the quality, and has the one dilemma with the logo.

Closed                                                     Open


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