Tombow Sharp Zoom 707

The Tombow Sharp Zoom 707 is super thin. It is almost too thin. When I write with it, it can be very hard to hold because of how thin the body is! This pen comes as a ballpoint pen or a mechanical pencil, and from personal experience, the ballpoint pen also draws a very thin line. It is about the length of the Rotring Rapid Pro, which is perfect. To extend the tip, you twist the springy looking thing on the back. The spring will come together and get smaller and the tip will come out of the front of the pen. Overall, the appearance of this pen is great. The clip looks really cool, with a sphere on the end and a black body (of the clip) to match the body of the pen. The twist spring on the back also looks great, and the thinness also contributes to this factor. It writes very well for me because I have smaller handwriting. If you have larger handwriting, it is not the best pen for you. The thinness of the body, though, does not make it pleasant to hold. The grip is nothing special but does make it easy and comfortable to hold around the grip part of the pens. The cost of this pen is about 15-72 dollars (sorry for the huge range, but I found both prices). Overall, I give this pen four stars because it is great in all ways except for the fact that it is super thin.                  fullsizerender-17


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