Kaweco Sketchup

The Kaweco Sketch Up is unlike any pencil that I have ever used before. It is a clutch pencil, meaning that when you press and hold the button the lead falls out of the body. You must push the lead to your desired length and then let go of the button. The lead is 5.6 millimeters thick, making thick lines for sketching and drawing. A sharpener is in the lead cap, and the metal body is very shiny if you get the Brilliant version. You have to unscrew the cap to access the sharpener and, in doing so, you might accidentally start unscrewing the whole mechanism! (I did that multiple times.) This pencil is not the best for writing, but since it is made for sketching, that does not really matter. It is very heavy and the body is thick and short, which does not make it easy to hold. The metal is slick, which is not very good if you have sweaty hands (like the Retro ’51 Tornado) and the sharpener does not work very well. On the upside, the lines are thick and good for people who draw and write in large pictures or handwriting. This mechanical pencil also looks amazing. People really wanted to see it and use it when I first showed them. This clutch pencil costs roughly $30. The refills are also slightly pricey, at three for $5. Overall, it is a nice pencil for sketching but is a bit overpriced and writes very thick. I give it three stars because it is very short and a little hard to handle, but it draws and writes very nicely. This is an okay addition to my collection.FullSizeRender (16).jpg

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