Cross Century II ballpoint

The Cross Century II is a Cross pen that exceeded my expectations in all but one way. It feels very nice in my hand, (it is the classic black ballpoint) is a perfect weight, looks good, and writes very smoothly. The one downside for me and all of the left handed people in the world is that since it is not a fountain pen or rollerball, the user cannot tilt it very much to write. Therefore, if the user is a lefty, their hand drags on the ink. Usually this is not a problem with ballpoint pens because the ink is not liquid based, but for some unknown reason, the ink in this one smudges. I have another Cross ballpoint that works perfectly well and does not smudge at all when I am using it. It is filled with a Cross medium refill, and the other pen is loaded with the same thing. I don’t know what the problem is with the smudgy refill, but it is, in fact, smudgy. Other than that, it looks good with a matte black body and gold colored clip, and it feels nice in my hand when I write with it. It is a perfect weight for me, which is medium/heavy. It is a twist pen, not a click. Overall, I highly recommend this pen to people who are willing to spend a considerable amount of money on a luxury pen and I recommend it to luxury pen collectors. It is roughly $90, and I give the pen 5 stars. The refill is 3 stars, at it is kind of a mix between a ballpoint and a rollerball. It is a nice addition to my collection.FullSizeRender (19).jpg

2 thoughts on “Cross Century II ballpoint

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