Lamy Scribble

I don’t have much to say about the Lamy Scribble, and please be prepared for many sentences with one comma. It is a black writing instrument that comes in a ballpoint pen, 0.7mm mechanical pencil, and a 3.15mm drafting pencil. The mechanical pencil is better for people with larger handwriting, as most 0.7 pencils are, and is relatively short. If you have big hands, this pencil may be a little difficult to hold. The clip is removable, and there is a lead cap on the back that is hard to take off of the pencil. It is short, and requires effort to pull out of the back of the pencil. It feels nice in your hand with no slick feeling, but more of a matte one. The only real downside to this writing instrument is that the eraser is small and does not work very well, and should only be used in an emergency. The pencil grows in diameter towards the middle, and this creates a nice feeling in the user’s hand. This pen costs roughly 30 dollars, and I give it 3.5 stars. It is a nice addition to my collection.


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