Cross ATX

The Cross ATX  ballpoint pen is perfect in all ways. First of all, the feeling is unbelievably wonderful in every way, shape, and form. I have the matte chrome version, which is a grayish color. The matte feeling is incredible, and it is so comfortable to hold. The pen is about 1/2 inch in width in the middle and around the clip section, but as you get closer to the tip of the pen it gets very thin. This creates an absolutely great grip section, and is non-slip. The pen is also the perfect weight, about an ounce, (28.3495 grams), which makes the pen feel even better to write with. The Cross refill is about as smooth as ballpoint refills get, so writing with the ATX is easy and fluent. It is a twist pen. I found two incredibly small downsides to this pen, which are: 1. To access the refill, you take off the part that twists (same as all twist ballpoints), and when you put it back on this pen, it doesn’t push on fully. You need to push it about five or six times before it goes back onto the pen. 2. The clip is great in all ways except that when it meets the top of the pen, it creates a small cliff like overhang over the body that is simply unsatisfying. (See in the picture.) Otherwise, this is a great and affordable pen, costing about $25 on Amazon. I highly recommend this pen to collectors out there, and I give it a five star rating.DSCN2418.JPG

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