Lamy Vista

The Lamy Vista fountain pen is an affordable, durable, and well writing fountain pen that is good for beginners. Costing roughly $25, the Vista is a clear plastic demonstrator fountain pen that has the same design as the popular Lamy Safari and the Lamy AL-Star.  On the body of the pen are two windows that show the color of the cartridge better then the clear pen does. These windows have no material in them, they are just open. The grip section is round with two flat areas where you place your thumb and index finger while writing. This creates an incredibly comfortable grip that I absolutely love. The nib is not very flexible, and with an extra fine nib, the lines written by this pen are incredibly clear and crisp. I found two downsides to this pen. First, without the cap posted, the pen is unbearably light. For me, I despise writing with light pens, and if that is the same with you, you should keep the cap posted at all times. Second, the ink in the nib leaks constantly. I have only seen the nib clean once, and that was right after I opened the box. Fortunately, this does not mess with the writing quality, it just makes the nib look bad. These are small downsides, though, and  they don’t really matter that much. The clip is a long, heavy duty wire that is stretched into a long, half oval shape. This makes a modern looking nib that is quite effective. Overall, I give this pen four stars. I do recommend it to beginners, but if you are not a beginner buy other pens before this one.  FullSizeRender (23)FullSizeRender (22)FullSizeRender (18)

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