Caran D’Ache Swiss Wood Pencil – HB

I am sorry that I have not been keeping up with my blog at all lately, but I intend to get back on track in the next few months. I have recently started looking into pencils, (wood pencils) and I am going to do some reviews on them and the commodities that go along with them, like sharpeners and erasers! My first wood pencil that I will post about is a very expensive one – but maybe worth the money. At around $4.50, the Caran D’Ache Swiss Wood HB pencil is available here on Amazon but also here on CW Pencil Enterprises for a much better price. To me, this pencil writes very well when sharp, but when the tip starts to dull, it feels very hard and is not pleasurable to write with. The lines will start to get thicker which makes writing less precise- and, to me, worse all around. The lines created are slightly darker then the normal HB, but it feels the same for the most part. The wood feels nice enough, but is nothing special to the touch. The thing that I liked most about this pencil, though, is the weight. Most pencils are very light, which is tolerable, but might get annoying after writing for a while. The Swiss Wood pencil has an incredible weight – perfect for writing for long periods of time. It is about the weight of two or three normal pencils, which is very nice. Aesthetically, this pencil is a beauty, with a rustic wooden body and a red back with the Swiss flag cross on it. The Caran D’Ache symbol appears to be painted on, as well as the rest of the words on the pencil, and that provides a nice touch. Also, I am a lefty, and this pencil does not smudge very much at all. Overall, I give the Caran D’Ache Swiss Wood pencil four stars. It has a great weight and is aesthetically pleasing, but it feels a lot like writing with a Dixon Ticonderoga, and when it is dull, it is not fun to write with. One tip that you might have seen in the CW pencil shop – the pencil smells like brown sugar, especially the tip because it is the inside of the wood exposed. I do recommend this pencil to anyone looking for a pencil with a good weight, but frankly, it is too expensive. Thank you, and I will have more pencil posts coming out soon!



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