Tombow Mono 100 HB

The Tombow Mono 100 HB pencil, available here on Amazon, and here on CW Pencils if you would like to purchase them single, is a pencil costing roughly $3, and is one of my favorites. With a black hexagonal body and beautiful writing abilities, I almost have no cons. First of all, this pencil writes impeccably. The lines are practically smudgeless, even though they are dark and smooth. They are also very fine, even if the pencil has not recently been sharpened. This pencil works for shading, drawing, and writing, but is primarily intended for drafting, as it is a drafting pencil. There is no eraser on the back of this pencil, but instead a cylindrical attachment to the hexagonal body with a white line running across it; a very pretty design. A gold line separates this from the body. The pencil is black, and slightly slippery when used during long periods of writing time, but that is true with most pencils, so that will not affect the rating at all. These pencils are relatively light, about the weight of a normal no. 2 Dixon pencil, which is my one problem. I prefer just slightly heavier pencils, so this is not the perfect weight. Everything else is great, though, and the smudgeless lines work well for lefties. (I am one, and this pencil works well for me.) Overall, I give the Tombow Mono 100 HB five stars, for writing beautifully and having almost no flaws. It is available at good prices, and a HIGH recommendation to my readers.

P.S. It also sharpens flawlessly.


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