Viarco Art Graf Soft Carbon Water Soluble Pencil

The Viarco Art Graf Soft Carbon Water Soluble pencil is one of my personal favorites for drawing and sketching. You can get it here at CW Pencil Enterprises. When writing or drawing with the Art Graf, you might notice that it feels more like a crayon than a pencil. A normal pencil is made with graphite, which is a type of carbon. The Art Graf is soft carbon, which is a material that feels like wax. The Art Graf makes a very dark but not incredibly sharp line that is great for touching up a drawing with very, very dark accents. The lead stick inside the pencil is very thick, as you can see in the upper right picture below, which looks very interesting and makes the pencil last longer. The body is round and black, embossed in gold writing. It is the width of a standard pencil. The Viarco Art Graf is labeled as “water soluble” for a reason, though. When a small amount of water is rubbed on top of the pencil marks on the paper, it spreads like a watercolor. Artists using watercolor could easily use this as a very dark black for dark shading, as black watercolor cannot easily be pure black – it usually turns grey when the water is added. There is no eraser or ferrule. Overall, I give this pencil five stars for having no cons and numerous pros. I highly recommend this pencil for watercolor artists and people looking for a dark alternative to charcoal, but also to anyone looking for a fun pencil that you can play around with.

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