Onyx+Green HB Recycled Newspaper

The Onyx+Green HB Recycled Newspaper pencil is my personal favorite. A 10 pack is available here on Amazon. At about $1, I don’t have much to say about this pencil. It is simple, with a glossy newspaper reminiscent round body printed in white with the words “Onyx+Green, HB” and their logo, a leaf. The ferrule is a simple silver, holding in a white eraser. It writes like a normal HB pencil, making slightly sharper lines than a Ticonderoga. The magic comes when you sharpen the pencil, though. It is made of recycled newspaper, as the name implies, wrapped again and again around the graphite core. This creates an effect when the pencil is fully sharpened where it appears that there are many lines of different colors, which looks, frankly, awesome. It also feels good to sharpen. Overall, I give this pencil five stars, for performing well and looking even better. I recommend it to anyone looking for a solid writing pencil, not too expensive, that looks really cool and is fun to show off.

Bonus: It also works well for shading.

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