TWSBI Eco 1.1 mm Stub Nib Demonstrator Fountain Pen

Attention Reader: A pros and cons and quick overview is at the bottom of the page for someone who doesn’t want to read the entire article.

TWSBI is a well know fountain pen company offering advanced filling systems (Vacuum and Piston) at lower prices than most companies offering the same systems. At $30, the TWSBI Eco is available here on Amazon and here on Jetpens, and is one of the highest quality pens you can get for under $50. The stub nib is a fun bonus that you can get with an Eco. Not many companies offer stub nib fountain pens anymore, so getting one for this price is a great deal. Stub nibs are fountain pen nibs that are ground flat on the end as opposed to round, so that writing horizontally will create thin lines, and writing vertically will create thicker lines. The writing tends to look like calligraphy, which is a very cool effect. Stubs are great if you are writing a special letter or writing something special in general, but are not as intended for everyday writing. Nonetheless, they can be used for everyday writing if the grind is to your liking.

The Eco also comes as a demonstrator, which is a clear fountain pen that displays the inner workings. A piston filler, you twist the back of the pen (where the cap would be posted) to extend the piston all of the way down in the pen, insert the entire nib into a bottle of ink, and retract the piston back up, drawing ink into the pen. This and a vacuum filler mechanism both grant a much higher ink capacity, and the Eco is no exception. You can see in the picture below that there is a huge amount of ink in there. Once your ink of choice is in the pen, you start writing. It is a smooth stub. You might see some shading, (color variation in ink) in the vertical lines as they are thicker, which is really interesting and satisfying. The pen feels very light in the hand (it depends on opinion whether this is a pro or con) and the grip is slightly slick. The cap does post onto the back of the pen, but you need to be careful that you don’t turn the piston mechanism, as ink will spurt out of the nib, causing pools and puddles on the paper. It posts with more of a click, not a twist, but it does not have a definite snap. It’s more of an unsure clunk onto the black, not a friction fit but not a click or magnet. The TWSBI symbol is on the back of the hexagonal cap in red.

Overall pros and cons:


-Huge Ink Capacity

-Inexpensive ($30)

-Writes Well

-Comes with a stub nib

-Demonstrator lets you see the inner workings


-Slick Grip

-Unsatisfying Cap Posting

-Need to take extra caution not to expel ink from the nib with the piston system

-Very lightweight (depends if this is a pro or con)

Rating: 4.5 Stars

I recommend it for people looking for a good pen to start their fountain pen experience or looking for a fun pen to play around with/demonstrator. it is also a good stub for beginners in calligraphy.


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