TWSBI Mini AL Gold Demonstrator Fountain Pen

TWSBI is a well known fountain pen company offering advanced filling systems (Vacuum and Piston) at lower prices than most companies offering the same systems. The TWSBI Mini AL Gold Fountain pen is a wonderful little thing. At around $65, you can get it here at Jetpens or here at Amazon, but jump on the chance to get it if you like the sound of the pen, because it’s a limited edition!

The TWSBI Mini Al comes in a neat little clear plastic case, set into a nice holder behind an elevated step with the TWSBI name and symbol on it. If you take out the white part of the case with the step, there are two things inside underneath, a bottle of silicone grease and a TWSBI wrench. Both serve a purpose. TWSBI is of the mindset that you should learn to fix your own pen and take care of it, which is really interesting, and makes it that much more fun. The silicone grease is to lubricate the pen if it needs lubricating and is to be used much later in the pen life, not right away. The wrench is for twisting things off, primarily the piston mechanism. Both are a fun little collectible if you don’t end up using them, and useful if you do. To get the pen out of it’s case, you just remove the two clear arches that are holding it in from the white base, and lift the pen! A very interesting feature of this pen is that the trim rings actually fit into the holder in the case it comes in, so the trim rings actually serve a purpose.


The TWSBI Mini AL is a small fountain pen, as the name implies, and is great for pocket carry on an everyday basis. The cap screws on the front of the pen over the nib and screws on over the piston knob to post, which is convenient and reduces worry of the cap messing with the piston. The pen is a demonstrator, meaning the body is made primarily out of clear material, allowing the user to see all of the inner workings of the pen. The gold accents in the pen compliment the mostly transparent body, producing a clean and modern look. The gold accents include the grip and the piston. One feature of this pen might seem unnecessary at first, but it may grow on you. The barrel not circular like many other TWSBI models, but is made of long, narrow diamonds, rounded on the edges. This is barely noticeable at the outset but you may start to appreciate it as you use the pen more. The clip is a simple silver, nothing to talk about. After a little bit of wear and tear, though, the clip can come loose. On top of the cap there is a red and silver TWSBI symbol embedded in transparent plastic, which creates a really interesting and clean look. In terms of feel, the pen is not too slippery around the grip and it is light, but not overly lightweight. The ink capacity is fairly high because it is piston fill (as you can see below) but not a large as a full sized pen like a 540.


Now for the nib. The Mini, like all TWSBI pens, has a steel nib, which actually appears to have smaller shoulders than other TWSBI models like the Diamond 540. The nib comes in Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, or 1.1 mm stub. All are good choices, I am writing the first draft of this post with the EF, and it feels good. The nib is quite flexible for a non-flex, and if you really want it, you can get some line variation. I used Pelikan Purple Ink with this pen, and works well.



-Looks Great

-Writes smoothly

-Great for pockets

-Good weight

-Good Ink Capacity


-Cap posts easily over the piston knob


-Not the very smoothest writing experience (with EF nib)

-Clip comes loose easily

Overall, I give this pen 4.5 stars for being a quality pen and working well. I like the feel, the looks, and the way it writes. It also comes in a great case that you can use to store it. I recommend it to anyone looking for a nice fountain pen, better than a starter pen, that is great for everyday use and pocket carry, but also to impress people with it’s smooth looks. Great for anyone that does not want to spend a boatload of money on a pen but wants a good looking, well functioning fountain pen to write with.


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