Pilot-Namiki Falcon (Flex Nib, Fine) + Some Flexible Tips


The Pilot Namiki Falcon is an interesting pen.
Flex nibs are both famous and infamous in the fountain pen world, known for their unprecedented ability to be carried around in a pocket while also being able to create beautiful calligraphy and to transform normal handwriting into artwork. Flex nibs are also known for inky messes, lots of smudging and skipping on paper, and, frankly, the fact that they are hard to use. While all of the latter facts can be true, there are numerous solutions. With a little practice and some tips, anyone can use a flex nib, and the Pilot Falcon is one of the best.

First off, let me talk a little about the Pilot Falcon pen itself. Afterwards I will address that flex nib issue and give some pointers. The Falcon is a flex nib fountain pen costing $152 (a little pricey, but very reasonable for a gold nibbed pen) that has a 14k gold nib available in extra-fine, fine, medium, and broad sizes, that comes either with a red body/chrome trim, black body/chrome trim, or black body/gold trim. It is a considerably light pen, weighing just over 18 grams. The Falcon uses a Pilot Con-50 converter, a standard Pilot converter, and can also take cartridges. *I will soon be constructing a blog post on how to fill pens (converters, cartridges, and piston mechanisms), so tune in for that!* The Falcon has a plastic body (or metal, but that’s a different pen). Writing with a Falcon is not smooth, but the experience should not be expected to be smooth, as it is a flex nib. The Falcon is a wonderful pen for anyone looking for a nice flex nib, perhaps a next level flex pen (after starter) or a starter gold nib fountain pen.
Link to Goulet Pens Falcon HERE.

Now for some flexible tips. First off, it is a wise idea to initiate your flex journey with an inexpensive flex nib to get a feel for what that are like, the best being the Noodler’s flex series (click HERE). Secondly, never press down to hard too try to get maximum flex when writing with a flex nib. It is not in anyone’s best interest to break a nib. Just be careful. Third, the myth that lefties can’t use flex nibs is a MYTH! Although it may be slightly harder for us folk, lefties possess the same ability as righties to wield this flexible weapon. A tip for lefties: try to teach yourself to be an underwriter (keep your hand underneath your nib when writing) if you are going to use flex nibs. It helps immensely. For more information, refer to this great new video series by Goulet Pens about lefties, called Left Out. And last, do some research! There are lots of great resources on the interweb about flex nibs, all of which are waiting to be checked out by a new flex nib user. Flex nibs are a whole new world, and I suggest that you venture into it.

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