Robert Oster Fire and Ice Fountain Pen Ink

Robert Oster is a company that manufactures a single product: fountain pen ink. These vibrant inks come in many different colors, and quite a few of them have a nice sheen.

Robert Oster Fire and Ice is a darker turquoise ink with a deep red sheen. It sells for about $17.00 in most stores. Because this is an ink review, there will be less writing and more photography. So, let’s cut to the chase!

This ink comes in a nice, tall 50 ml bottle with a bright gold sticker on the front. On this sticker is the name of the brand and a few other small items, such as the bottle size and the company’s catchphrase. On top of the large black cap is a white sticker that displays a small sample of the color.

For this review, I used a Rhodia 5×5 grid notebook and a J. Herbin glass dip pen (my current controls for paper and pen). In finer lines, the ink looks very dark, almost black but, as the lines widen, the ink begins to look more turquoise with a red sheen around the edges.

The picture above is a wonderful example of this ink’s red sheen. The version on the right is brightened so the sheen is even more visible.

The picture above is another good example of this ink’s sheen, but this time in letters. The edges of the word “Robert” clearly have a reddish tint, which provides for a great effect in one’s writing.

Dry time of just over 25 seconds

This ink, as I mentioned earlier, is just on the wetter side of the spectrum, with a fairly average dry time of barely over 25 seconds. It’s just a bit dryer than Diamine Oxford Blue.

I recently took out some of my blunt tip syringes and shot some of this ink into an empty Pilot cartridge, which I put into a 6.0mm Pilot Parallel to try it out in wider lines. I found that this photo was a great representation of this ink’s color. Even with this wide nib, I noticed very little bleeding and no feathering whatsoever on Rhodia paper.

However, on standard 8×11 printer paper, the ink is a mess. The feathering and bleeding are both out of control. This is clearly an ink intended for use only on fountain pen friendly paper.

I am a big fan of this ink. It is wonderful for anyone who likes a darker turquoise to teal ink, or for anyone interested in sheening inks. I’m actually going to stop giving inks ratings out of 5 stars, as they are so based upon personal preference. I like this ink a lot, though, as it is a wonderful color with a great sheen. This ink is available here on Goulet.

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