Diamine’s “The Inkvent Calender”

Life is busy, and after a hiatus from the world of fountain pens for a little while, I am ready to dive back in. This Christmas season I was incredibly fortunate to receive the gift of Diamine’s “The Inkvent Calendar.” Unfortunately this will have to be a shorter post because I don’t want to spoil anything about the calendar and it’s only the first day of December! I’ve opened a single window! Hopefully after the 25th I’ll be able to log on and write about some of the ink samples that were in the calendar. For now, though, let’s cut to the chase.

The Inkvent Calender is made by Diamine, a highly regarded ink company based out of the UK. Their website is here. It is a wonderfully decorated cardboard box, maybe 16 inches tall and 12 wide (from pure sight estimation), and contains 25 separate compartments blocked off by corrugated cardboard doors. Each door has a number, and the door is opened on that number day of December leading up to the 25th to reveal a surprise ink. Now that I have described what an advent calendar does (for the few of you who may not know), let’s go into the ink. Each of the first 24 doors contains a small 7 ml glass bottle of Diamine ink, each of which was created for the calendar exclusively and given a festive name. Each ink is different from the last; some may be shimmering or have a lot of sheen, while others do not. There is also a large range in color. The 25th door contains a 30 ml plastic ink bottle, a great Christmas gift. Below is a picture of the first bottle (turned around as not to spoil the name or color).

Although I cannot rate the calendar quite yet, I will come back with a separate post sometime after the 25th with details on some of the inks. Tune in before then for some posts on pens I haven’t reviewed yet… and check the coming soon bar to the right of this post for some hints!

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