Nock Co. Sinclair Pen Case


I have only ever completed one review of a pen case, and the reason for that is because I only have a single pen case in my possession, the Monteverde 36 slot case. Although I have had the Monteverde case for a little while now, it is rather large, and without a handle it’s tough to bring places. I prefer keeping this case on my desk and using it for un-inked pens. Therefore, I decided to purchase a new pen case, a small one that I could transport easily. The following post will detail that case and tell all the ups and downs. Enjoy!

Nock. Co. is a small company run by Brad Dowdy (best known for The Pen Addict podcast, which I highly recommend) and Jeffrey Bruckwicki, of Project of Seamster. Jeffrey and Brad produce high quality nylon pen cases which are more flexible and durable than leather cases. Although many people are under the impression that leather is a more attractive, nicer, and overall better material than nylon, these pen cases are created with impeccable care, and therefore are just as comfortable as leather. The Sinclair is a small, rectangular pen case that has three high quality pen slots across from  a larger memo book size pocket. Although the pocket is intended for notebooks, owners of the Sinclair are encouraged to use their imagination with the pocket. It can really work for anything that fits the dimensions; the object must be thinner than 3.5″, and shorter than 5.5″. Since the zipper travels around the top edge of the pen case, starting halfway down the long edge of the case and ending parallel to it at the other long edge, (see photo), the middle of the case functions as a storage space as well, although it can only be used for small items like erasers and ink cartridges. The case is generally easy to carry, as it fits in one’s hand. (4″ wide*6.5″ tall.) The Sinclair comes in these color combos: Raven outside and Aqua inside (the case that I possess), Mandarin outside and Steel inside, and a Spa blue outside with a Lime inside.



Well, that was a concise post. I guess it’s because I had little to say about this case. It is high quality, easy to bring around, and it does the job; it holds pens. Just a small note: I have a Pilot Vanishing Point, a Pelikan M400, and a Pilot Falcon in the case right now, and they all fit wonderfully. I recommend this case to anyone looking for a small, portable pen case, as this is one of the best you will find. You can find the Sinclair here on Nock Co. Thanks for reading, and tune in for upcoming posts!

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Monteverde 36 Slot Pen Case

This is my first post on a pen case, and I found a really good one, so I hope you will consider using this case for your pen collection. (That is, if you have one.) Here goes:

The Monteverde 36 slot pen case is a affordable, reliable case good for keeping all kinds of pens. Monteverde is a pen company that makes luxury pens as well as new innovations. They make some pens such as the popular Tool pen, the Mountains of the World collection, and the Jewelria collection. To see more pens, click the link HERE to go to their website. The pen case is zippered and made of nylon. I have discovered the the case zips very easily no matter how many pens are in the case, 0 or 36. After unzipping the case and opening it (it opens like a book), you will notice the soft material inside. This keeps your pens safe from scratches and dents, and it also keeps them very clean. There are four rows of nine elastic pen holding bands, two rows on each side of the opened case. Separating those two sides is a fluffy, nice flap that is connected to the case at the top. This is also designed to keep the pens from scratching each other. The elastic pen bands keep most pens in place, as they held my Kaweco Liliput, (a very thin pen) in place just fine, as well as the Cross Tech 3+, the Fisher Space Pen, and the Century II. They do not hold the Sharp Zoom, but that pen is incredibly thin, and I wasn’t surprised. After closing up the pen case and turning it around to look at the back, you will notice the nice Monteverde logo. Overall, I give this nice black nylon pen case five stars for durability and portability, four stars for looks, and five stars for overall effectiveness.