Kaweco Liliput Foutain Pen

After a request from a pen admirer, I have decided to add pens into my mechanical pencil blog. Recently I started getting interested in pens, so here goes.

The Kaweco Liliput fountain pen is a pen costing roughly 80-180 dollars depending on the metal that you choose to buy it in. It comes in black, silver, brass, copper, stainless steel, brass wave (wavy brass texture), and fireblue (heated over a real fire to create colorful patterns). The nib sizes range from EF to BB. The Liliput is a great weight and the grip feels good, although it is a bit too thin. The Kaweco Liliput is incredibly small, when closed only 3.8 inches long! It is great for carrying around in a pocket for quick notes, and is very reliable.  The pen comes in a little Kaweco tin. Overall, I give the Liliput 4.5 stars and call it a great start to my pen collection. I recommend it to the pen lovers reading this.

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