Top 5 Pen Resources

I often go onto the world wide inter-web to do some pen purchasing researching, or to enter some giveaways. In this concise post, I will reference what I think are the five best fountain pen resources online in order from 1 to 5. I will also attach links, so feel free to visit these sites. Enjoy.

  1. Goulet Pens

The Goulet Pen company is a blog, vlog, and online store that specializes in fountain pens and accessories to accompany these instruments. It is my personal favorite pen resource, as it is fun, interactive, and extremely helpful. Some cool features include the Nib Nook, where you can compare real size writing samples of any pen that Goulet Pens has in stock, the Swab shop, (the ink-quivalent to the nib nook) and the fun and informative blog and Youtube channel that are always active and cranking out new videos and posts. There is even the occasional giveaway, so tune of for those. Links: Website/Online store: Youtube channel: Blog:

2. Fahrney’s Pens

Now, I do have a little bit of bias here, because Fahrney’s is my hometown pen shop and one of the best known pen stores in the world. Fahrney’s specializes in–well, all sorts of pens and accessories. Fahrney’s has a storefront in Washington D.C. and a website linked below that I find to be very helpful. They have the occasional giveaway on the website, and host an annual pen show in summer. Link:

3. Pen Chalet

Pen Chalet is a helpful website with lots of pens to purchase, but my favorite aspect of the site is the free giveaways and blog posts every week! Many fountain pen inks are given away, and occasionally a pen is offered up. Link:

4. Classic Fountain Pens

Classic Fountain Pens not only sells pens, but it also sells many fountain pen nibs (online) and allows the purchaser to get a custom grind on any nib. Custom fountain pens is the closest website to a real life fountain pen show, as you can get vintage nibs, used and new pens, and get nibs ground to your liking. Although I do not use Custom Fountain Pens much, it is a wonderful resource for those who are starting to get deep into pens. Link:

5. The Pen Addict

The Pen Addict is not only a blog, but it also has its own podcast with Brad Dowdy (owner of Nock Co.) and Myke Hurley. This podcast can be found for free on any podcast application, and always features Brad and Myke discussing the latest pen news. There is also merchandise available on the website, so check it out! Link:

Please visit these websites and poke around. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed. Enjoy!

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6(.5) Fun Pencils To Play Around With

I have wanted to do a post about pencils that are simply fun for a while now, and I finally have the chance! Here are my five, not in any order, pencils that are just fun to use and easy to experiment with. I will also give short descriptions and tips on how to use them.

Viarco Soft Carbon Water Soluble Pencil

This pencil is not only for dark shading, but is also great for watercolor artists and people looking for a fun pencil! The carbon is so soft that it feels like crayon when you are writing with it, and the carbon core is unusually, and strangely satisfyingly thick. It is fun to draw with, and when you use your finger to spread a little bit of water on top, it turns to a delightful watery mess! (You can also use precision and spread water with a thin paintbrush.)

Koh-I-Noor Gold Magic Pencil

It is fairly obvious why this pencil is considered fun. The core is made up of many different colors meshed together into one stick, which provides very pleasing effects when scratched on paper! You do need to turn the pencil as you are writing in order to achieve full affect, as, if you keep the pencil still, it only picks up one color, but if you master this skill it is super fun to draw and write with. The line it creates is a gradient string of color that pleases the eye.

Onyx+Green Recycled Newspaper Pencil

This pencil writes much like a normal lead pencil, and at an HB hardness, it’s marks look pretty boring. I like to write with it, but it is nothing special when it comes to drawing or writing. Its looks, though, are another matter. The pencil is made of newspaper wrapped around the core again and again until it is the thickness of a normal pencil. When it is sharpened, the shavings are layers and layers of paper, some blue and yellow, some black and white. It also looks like this on the tip where the pencil has been shaved. Bonus: feels nice to sharpen it. Tip: Sharpen slowly to get the longest shaving!

Caran D’ache and CW Pencils “The Editor”

Editor pencils have been in existence for a while now, many teachers’ favorite writing utensil. It can also be used for fun, though! In case you didn’t know, an editor pencil has one black or blue side and one red side. You can blend the two sides, you can break it in half, tape the two sides together, and draw parallel lines, you can break it in half halfway, keep the two sides together with a small piece of wood and use it as a compass, or do something that comes to mind! Experiment!

Seven Color Rainbow Pencil

Another multicolor core pencil, this one has a black body and more defined colors in the core. Instead of a swirl of colors, this core has seven color sticks blended together into one. Writing or drawing with it while rotating it ever so slightly will create a fun rainbow of colors condensed into one line. This pencil looks better than the other one, (In my opinion), and creates a similar effect.

Combo: General’s Blending Tortillion and General’s Charcoal Pencil

A charcoal pencil can be fun on it’s own, but if you make some kind of mark, say a circle, with the charcoal, you can use the tortillion to blend the charcoal in or out, and it makes a very clean smudge! The picture above shows how you can use it for smooth shading, and how it can help add depth to a picture! The tortillion is a amazing alternative to a finger, as you will not be putting silver or black fingerprints all over, and it makes a smoother gradient. Try it out, and play around with it!

That’s it for fun pencils! You can get these at CW Pencil Enterprises and buy them individually or in bulk, except for Onyx+Green and General’s Charcoal and tortillion (this link is not for General’s), which I linked on Amazon. I hope you get some pencils and enjoy them.

Top 5 Mechanical Pencil Companies

#1. Pilot

My top 2 mechanical pencils are made by Pilot, so why choose any other company?

#2. rOtring

Number 3 and number 4 are made by rOtring!

#3. Papermate

The pencils that they make are quality, and they work well! The can also have interesting special features.

#4. Uni Ball

I’ve only had one pencil, the Kuru Toga Roulette, but it was really good.

#5. Zebra

They make good pencils and I’ve tried them.

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My Top 10 Mechanical Pencils

#1. Pilot Automac

The thing that really did it for this pencil was the grip. I don’t know why it was so good, but it was.

#2. Dr. Grip Purewhite Shaker

Same as the last. The grip was awesome. I also liked the shaker mechanism. This would be #1 if the other one wasn’t automatic.

#3. rOtring Rapid Pro

Although the grip was a bit razorlike, it was still good, and the weight is PERFECT!!!

#4. rOtring 600

Pretty much the same thing as the last one, not quite as good but good enough to make the chart.

#5. Uni Kuru Toga Roulette

The lead turning mechanism was great. End of story.

#6. rOtring Tikky

For some reason, the click felt super satisfying. The grip was also good.

#7. Papermate PhD Ultra

Great grip, great weight, and the triangle shape of the grip felt good in your hands.

#8. Zebra Delguard

Even though the star rating was bad, the pencil looks really good and has gotten better over the days.

#9. Papermate Comfortmate Ultra

Good grip, and the hourglass shape was nice. The range of colors was also good.

#10. Papermate PhD Multi

The only reason that this is behind the PhD Ultra is that you could tell that the pencil was low quality. It did the job, though, and the other pens are helpful.


Zebra M-301

Pentel  Smash

Sheaffer Pen+Pencil Set*

*I did not put this in the real thing because of the set, it is not a pen or pencil, but both separately.

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Hi. My name is Will Spector, and I am writing a blog about mechanical pencil ratings. I have liked mechanical pencils for a while now, and I am excited to tell you what I and some other people think about certain pencils, including ratings out of five stars. Hope you like this and tune in for more! My first review will be the rOtring 600.