Fisher Bullet Space Pen

Fisher Space Pen is a company well known for their pens that write nearly anywhere and anytime, like underwater, upside down, or in freezing and burning temperatures. One of their best selling items is the bullet pen, which is a pocket pen with a small body and a large cap. It writes relatively thick, an the point is considerably large. The pen comes in a case with a moon like holder, and it pops out when you pull it. The cap takes up about 3/4 of it, and to remove it simply pull it off of the pen (the same as all caps). Post the cap by pushing it onto the back, NOT twisting, and it will become the length of a regular pen. There is no grip (on the matte black version, at least) but the pen still feels nice to hold. The only downside is that it looks a little dull, which is barely even a downside. This pen costs about 15-20 dollars. Overall, I give this pen five stars, because it writes well and works incredibly well as a pocket pen. It is a great addition to my collection.

Lamy Pico

The Lamy Pico ballpoint pen has a very unique design and is not insanely expensive, but a little overpriced. It is a pocket pen, and when the user presses the button to open the pen, the back extends and makes a normal sized ballpoint pen. When the user presses the button to retract the point, the end comes back to make the pen compact, perfect for carrying around in your pocket. It writes well, and comes in many different colors. The Lamy Pico also comes in a nice little case, if you don’t want to carry it around plain. You can separately buy a leather case to carry this pen around in. It is a fairly simple pen other than that, and the only downside is the logo. The Lamy logo is located on a little box the sticks out from the pen, making it hard to write. You have to hold this pen at just the right angle to be able to write comfortably. Overall, I give this pen a 3.5 star review, for although it has a really neat design, it is slightly overpriced for the quality, and has the one dilemma with the logo.

Closed                                                     Open


Sheaffer Pen+Pencil Set

I was walking in staples when I saw a sale rack that caught my eye. It was $50 Cross and Sheaffer pens and pencils on sale for $20!!! I walked over and saw something that immediately pulled me in. It was a beautiful little Sheaffer pen+pencil set. I picked it up and I knew it was the thing to get.

I got home and unpacked the pencil/pen set. It was silver with brushstrokes on the sides. I wanted to try it out. I took out the pencil and discovered that It was a perfect weight. I pressed it onto the paper and started writing. Whenever I pressed too hard, the lead would retract ever so slightly, in order to protect itself from snapping. The eraser was small but effective.

I took out the pen and with one click knew that I was going to like it. I could feel the spring vibrate under my thumb. I tried writing and it flew across the paper smoothly and swiftly. The only downside was that the grip was slick and my hands slipped when I was sweating.

So, overall, I give this set four stars and recommend it to all of you. For some reason I could not find this set online, so I just gave a link to the Sheaffer website and attached a picture below.

Screenshot 2016-05-19 at 7.25.40 PM

This is the pen and pencil set that I found at staples

P.S. Remember about the best mechanical pencils post coming up!

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Papermate PhD Multi

The Papermate PhD Multi is a mechanical pencil in almost the exact same shape as the PhD ultra. Some things that are the same are that it is big and has a triangular grip, and the same weight. There are a few differences, though. The first is that the Papermate PhD Multi has three writing tools. A black pen, a red pen, and a mechanical pencil. In between the grip and the body of the pencil is a silver ring with  a tab on it, and right above that are symbols: a red dot, a black dot, and the tip of a pencil. To change the function, you put one hand above the silver ring and one hand below, then twist both hands different ways to get the tab under one of the symbols. There is a cap over the eraser, and unlike the PhD ultra, this eraser is not twist out. The one downside for me is that if you twist the ring too far, the grip will start to screw off. I give this pencil four point five stars. It was a nice addition to my collection, and a high recommendation.

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