rOtring Rapid Pro

The rOtring Rapid Pro is a very nice rOtring pencil, costing roughly 30-35 dollars and is possibly nicer than the 600. I would call it the rOring 700 if I could number it. The rapid pro is a hexagonal barreled pencil. Unlike the 600, the edges of the barrel curve in, having a much nicer feeling than the sharp ridges on the 600. With one big click of the button, the lead holder comes out and the lead comes along. The rOtring 600 and 800 both have grips with small triangular prisms lining the grip. The rapid pro has much smaller prisms, so small that they almost feel like a razor. (Not in a bad way.) The rapid pro has incredible weight, so the pencil does not shake in your hands. There’s not much more to say except the star rating. So I give this pencil 4.75 stars. It is really close to five, but the grip is a little questionable. Overall, this was a nice addition to my collection and a recommendation to all of the mechanical pencil lovers out there reading this blog right now.


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Sheaffer Pen+Pencil Set

I was walking in staples when I saw a sale rack that caught my eye. It was $50 Cross and Sheaffer pens and pencils on sale for $20!!! I walked over and saw something that immediately pulled me in. It was a beautiful little Sheaffer pen+pencil set. I picked it up and I knew it was the thing to get.

I got home and unpacked the pencil/pen set. It was silver with brushstrokes on the sides. I wanted to try it out. I took out the pencil and discovered that It was a perfect weight. I pressed it onto the paper and started writing. Whenever I pressed too hard, the lead would retract ever so slightly, in order to protect itself from snapping. The eraser was small but effective.

I took out the pen and with one click knew that I was going to like it. I could feel the spring vibrate under my thumb. I tried writing and it flew across the paper smoothly and swiftly. The only downside was that the grip was slick and my hands slipped when I was sweating.

So, overall, I give this set four stars and recommend it to all of you. For some reason I could not find this set online, so I just gave a link to the Sheaffer website and attached a picture below.

Screenshot 2016-05-19 at 7.25.40 PM

This is the pen and pencil set that I found at staples

P.S. Remember about the best mechanical pencils post coming up!

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rOtring Tikky

Costing roughly 5-10 dollars, the rOtring Tikky is another rOtring mechanical pencil. The 600 is higher quality than the Tikky, and the Tikky is lighter. The Tikky has a small oval near the button that varies color depending on the lead size (0.35 is yellow, 0.5 is brown, 0.7 is blue, and 1.0 is red). You can tell that it is a good pencil just by clicking the button and feeling the sensation. The grip is grey with black squares on the standard colored one. The Tikky also comes in many colors, so the grip color changes. The clip is surprisingly long, and looks quite professional. The eraser on the Tikky is small, but works amazingly. I would suggest only using it in emergencies, though, because it goes away fast.

The Tikky also comes in the 3 in 1 version, with a black pen, a red highlighting pen, and mechanical pencil. I’ve only had the regular. Overall, I give the Tikky a four and a half star rating, and it is a high recommendation to you reading this.

P.S. Tune in for my 10 favorite mechanical pencils, because I’m going to post that soon!

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Pilot Dr. Grip PureWhite Shaker

Okay, the Pilot Dr. Grip PureWhite Shaker mechanical pencil is by far the best pencil I have ever used. I loved it. Costing roughly 8-10 dollars, there are only good things that I have to say about it. First of all, It looks amazing. It is completely white, with your choice of color near the tip and near the eraser. The grip is squishy, and it feels amazing on your fingers when you write. It is a double grip, with a white squishy layer underneath, and a translucent layer above. I have felt a really squishy pencil called the Uni Kuru Toga Alpha Gel, (With the same lead turning mechanism as the Uni Kuru Toga Roulette model) which has an incredibly squishy grip, which may have been a little too squishy. And there was the rOtring 600, which had an incredibly hard grip. This was the perfect balance. It was a little farther toward the Alpha Gel side then the rOtring 600 side. Next, There is the shaker mechanism, which is really helpful and useful. Instead of pressing the button on the back, you can shake the pencil up and down and the lead will get further out. That really helps. The eraser is small, but it still works and takes a long time to run out. The pencil is the perfect width, size and weight. I give this pencil five stars, and it is a recommendation to all of you reading this.

P.S. This is my tenth post and my first five star pencil!!! Hurrah!!!!! 🙂

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Zebra Delguard

The Zebra Delguard is a mechanical pencil costing roughly $6-10. I was very surprised at it, because I had only seen good reviews of it. I found multiple downsides in this pencil, and I will get started on that soon. But first I am going to talk about some of the features. This pencil has a small eraser and cap. You can see all of the gears on the inside through a clear grip, which has multiple bumps and rivets. Now to the opinion. The first downside is the eraser. I never really liked Zebra pencil erasers, but this one was just terrible. It was tiny, and whenever I started erasing it would smudge my work. I also found that the grip was slick, and my fingers slipped off of it. Next, there is a special function where the lead is supposed to not break. But the first time I pressed the tip onto the paper, THE LEAD BROKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So overall, I give this pencil 3 stars, and the only reason that I like it is because it looks cool. This pencil was an okay addition to my collection, but only because I like more pencils. I do not recommend this pencil to you.

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Pentel Smash

The Pentel Smash is a mechanical pencil costing roughly  $10. It has a small eraser, much like those of the rOtring 600 or the Uni Kuru Togo Roulette model. It has a lead hardness grade indicator, and a grip made of little rubber squares that stick out slightly. It has 0.5 mm lead, and it comes in one color: black. I think that the most interesting feature on this pencil is the button on the back of the pencil. When you press it to get the lead further out, it retracts like a spring. This does pose one problem, though. When you press the button, only a tiny little segment of the lead comes out. It takes about six or seven clicks to actually get the lead to a good length. Otherwise, there are no major flaws in this pencil that I can see. Overall, the agreement has been made that this pencil is about 4 stars. This pencil was a nice addition to my collection.

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