2 thoughts on “IMG_0063

  1. I love the idea of using recycled paper to wrap the core! Very clever. I have several very beautiful pencils that I purchased in a wonderful shop in Florence, Italy known for its beautiful handmade marbled papers. It’s construction is different, though. You have the lead encased in wood and then a beautiful marbled paper is wrapped around the wood only once and sealed with a narrow overlapping seam. When I sharpen it, it doesn’t have the same visual interest as your Onyx + Green, but I love it and don’t use it often because I want to keep it forever!


    • Wow! That’s fascinating. The Onyx+Green pencils are really amazing, and I’m sure the beautiful pencils you have from Italy are too. I have also seen pencils with rainbow papers wrapped around the core, which looks incredible when they are sharpened. (They are popular, though, and are usually sold out.)


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